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Chimera HSS Set

From $180.00

Single Coil Covers
Choosing single coil cover color also sets the color for the humbucker bobbins.
Humbucker Cover
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The Chimera pickup set is designed to give you best of both worlds. Matched for balanced output and tone, this set will give you the best single coil and humbucker combination possible. The single coils are both overwound to offset the sharp highs often found when using single coils with 500k pots. Alnico 3 pole pieces in the neck pickup help to warm up the tone for that creamy strat sound. Both the bridge and middle pickups use alnico 5 magnets for a crisp controlled tone. The bridge pickup is a PAF style humbucker having slightly mismatched coils, with the slug coil being the hotter of the two and the best for coil splitting. The middle pickup is reverse wound and reversed polarity for hum-cancelling operation when engaged with the neck pickup or the bridge slug coil.

Single Coils:

  • Alnico 3 and alnico 5 pole pieces arranged in a more balanced modern stagger
  • Traditional fiberboard bobbins
  • Traditional 22 AWG cloth push-back wire
  • RWRP middle pickup for hum-cancelling in positions 2 and 4


  • Alnico 5 bar magnet
  • Mismatched coils
  • Nickel silver baseplate
  • 4 conductor hook-up wire for coil splitting availability
  • 53mm pole spacing for tremolo equipped guitars

All Pickups:

  • Scatterwound with 42 AWG polyurethane magnet wire
  • Wax potted to suppress microphonic feedback
  • Matching covers, mounting screws, rubber tube springs and wiring diagram included

Please Note: Chimera sets are made to order and may take some extra time before shipping. 

  • Neck Pickup: DC Resistance ~7.2 k, Inductance ~4.1 H
  • Middle Pickup: DC Resistance ~7 k, Inductance ~3.9 H
  • Bridge Pickup: DC Resistance ~7.8 k, Inductance ~4.6 H

1 review for Chimera HSS Set

  1. R Kimbrell (verified owner)

    I replaced the Seymour Duncan custom shop pickups that come in an Ibanez AZ with these, and I am very pleased with the change. The tones coming out of my amp are more vintage and defiantly sweet sounding.
    I now enjoy hearing my AZ as much as I enjoy playing it.
    Highly recomended.
    It says there may be delay because he makes these to order. I ordered them on a Thursday at noon, and they were in the mail by Friday at 5 pm. It just so happens that friday was my 52nd birthday. Its a cool little tidbit that I can tell people these were custom made for me on my birthday.
    I first head of you from Philip Mcknight, then The Tone King.

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