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Angel Pickup


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Angel Stratocaster® pickups are overwound to produce a warmer, fatter tone. Each pickup uses two types of Alnico magnets. Alnico 5 pole pieces are used for the wound strings, whereas the plain strings use Alnico 2. This provides the perfect blend of tight lows and smooth bell tones in one pickup. Made with traditional fiberboard bobbins and scatter-wound by hand with 42 AWG Polyurethane magnet wire. The pole pieces are arranged in a vintage style stagger with a few minor adjustments to achieve balanced string output for modern strings. Great for all musical genres.

  • Alnico 5 and alnico 2 magnet pole pieces arranged in “balanced stagger”
  • Traditional fibreboard bobbins
  • Scatter-wound with 42 AWG Polyurethane magnet wire
  • RW/RP middle pickup for hum canceling in positions 2 and 4
  • Wax potted to suppress micro-phonics
  • Traditional 22 AWG cloth push-back wire
  • White covers, mounting screws, rubber tube springs and wiring diagram included
  • Neck pickup: DC Resistance ~7.0 kΩ, Inductance ~3.9 H
  • Middle pickup: DC Resistance ~6.5 kΩ, Inductance ~3.5 H
  • Bridge pickup: DC Resistance ~7.4 kΩ, Inductance ~4.3 H

4 reviews for Angel Pickup

  1. LilxPigg (verified owner)

    Amazing pickups. I saw them on Philip McKnight’s youtube channel and had to get them. My American Strat had Fender Custom Shop Fat 50’s in it and I really didn’t like the harsh high end, especially on the 3rd string. These sound closer to the 69’s but better. Couldn’t be happier. Took me about an hour to swap them out. Tools required: Soldering Iron, Wire Cutters/Wire Stripper, and Philips Screwdriver.

  2. Eddie Lee (verified owner)

    I, too, first heard of your pickups on Mr. McKnight’s Y/T channel. I checked your website & listened to your beautiful playing & ordered a set. Installed them in my ’76 Strat & changed the treble bleed to the series setup… What in God’s green earth happened to my old Strat? Wow! I haven’t even set the pup height yet & the guitar sounds as good as I can make it… Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Cyrille Lefevre

    I put mine in my squier classic vibe 60s , I cannot put it down since. Thank you so much!

  4. Eric Bryant (verified owner)

    Heard about these from McKnights review. Wanted a nice time without that harsh 50s sounds. These are a really warm pickup. Very nice sounding while keeping those snappy/sparkling highs. Would very much recommend. I purchased a set and they sound wonderful on all 5 positions and all have very different sounds. 5/5.

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