Cân i chi cover photo

Ookpik Waltz

Also known as the “Canadian Waltz or Eskimo Waltz”. Ookpik Waltz is a latter 20th century composition of British Columbia, fiddler Frankie Rodgers (1936-2009), who

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Cân i chi cover photo

Cân i chiân-i-chi.mp4 Cân i chi, translated “song for you,” from the Welsh language was originally conceived on a 5-string banjo. The original idea was in a

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Acoustic guitar strings

Guitar Strings

Guitar strings are our first stage in creating our tone, and keeping those strings sounding good for as long as possible is important. Gone are

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Collection of assorted guitar picks with Octave Doctor circular logo

Plectrums and Fingers

Guitar players concern themselves much over the factors which shape their tone. Tone woods, pickups, amplifiers, effects pedals, strings and so on. Some even believe

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An electric guitar body with Octave Doctor circular logo in red

Vintage Tone

What is vintage tone? There is a lot of hype these days in the wider guitar community for all things vintage. Guitarists in particular are

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An acoustic guitar body with Octave Doctor circular logo in white

Humidity and Your Guitar

Humidity can drastically impact the longevity and playability of your guitars. This is less of a concern for solid bodied instruments, but it still can

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